Exposing the true CLONING agenda of Colour Out Of Space!!!


Black MAgic Clones - The truth behind the Colour Out Of Space festival?

Music and Satanism have been linked for years, with infamous stories of rock stars who have sold their souls to the Devil for fame and fortune. Colour out of Space have taken this concept further, by bartering with the devil using stolen souls of unsuspecting musicians to gain influence and power, replacing the missing people with replicates to avoid arousing suspicions. Mind control techniques are used at live gigs to control the audience, making it easier to hide the clones in plain sight by hypnotising the audience into missing the warning signs and explaining the breakdowns of cloned artists in public by calling it "art".

C.O.O.S is based on Lovecraftian kvlt ideals. Promoting satanism and ritualistic sacrifice of musicians, whose DNA is then cloned to replicate the host bodies for their theton masters. "Colour Out Of Space" is an anagram of LOOP OUTFACE SCOUR - this is the proceedure in which the original artists are hooked up to a machine and their memories digitally altered before the electrical information is transferred to the clone's robotic brain synapses. 

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